Biancolilla oil

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Bottle of Monocultivar Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil 

A balanced olive oil, delicate and fresh with flavour and scent of wildflowers.

The package resembles a jar as an homage to Luigi Pirandello, to his novel and to his birthplace. 
The label, designed by the Sicilian artist Rosangela Leotta, tells about a woman, floral and velvety as the Biancolilla.

The Monocultivar Biancolilla extra virgin olive oil has a degree of acidity below 0.2% and is quite dense with a bright yellow colour.

The fragrance is light with delicate floral and vegetable scents. The taste is gentle with a harmonious flavour of white almond. Moderate in bitterness and spiciness.

Suggested food pairing: dishes with a light structure, shellfish, raw or steamed fish, fresh salads and white meat.

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Racalmuto, Agrigento – Sicily


100% Biancolilla


by hand in mid-October


cold in a continuous cycle





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