EVO Oil Classic Blend

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“Harvest year 2023/2024”

The classic Sicilian oil, the one we have all been used to since childhood.
An oil that recalls the flavors and smells of the past, the strong and decisive ones that flooded the kitchen on holidays.

Organoleptic characteristics
The Blend Classico EVO oil has a maximum acidity of 0.3% and is fairly dense, with a bright golden color.
The olfactory analysis is medium intense, vegetal, with hints of ripe tomato, cut grass and freshly pressed olives.
On the palate it is balanced in bitter and spicy, with persistence of dried fruit and fragrant bread that expertly harmonize the palate.
Recommended combinations
Medium intense dishes, bruschetta, grilled vegetables, pizza sauces and autumn sauces, fried foods, rich soups and meats.

Weight N/A
Product zone

Racalmuto, Agrigento – Sicily


Nocellara del Belice 60%, Biancolilla 20%, Gioconda 20%


by hand in mid-October


cold in a continuous cycle





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