Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Novello


Bottle of extra virgin olive oil 

“Olive harvest 2022/2023” 

“Novello” is the first outcome of the press, it’s unfiltered and bottled directly at the mill.

It is the new oil par excellence, intense and strong. Novello is produced in a limited edition, only during the firs days of the olive harvest. We recommend to enjoy it within a few months.

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Organoleptic characteristics

Novello extra virgin olive oil has a maximum acidity level of 0.2 % and is dense, with a bright green colour.
The smell is very intense, with strong hints of aromatic grass and freshly pressed olives.

The taste is strong, balanced in bitterness and spiciness, with persistent hints of dried fruit and chicory.

Recommended pairings

Serve raw on very structured, strong-flavoured dishes. Ideal for bruschetta and focaccia.

Weight 0,9 kg
Product zone

Racalmuto, Agrigento – Sicily

Sicilia Cultivar

60% Nocellara del Belice, 40% Biancolilla


by hand in mid-October


cold in a continuous cycle





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