Us from Zaccanello.
A family story.

Terre di Zaccanello is not just a place, but rather a journey through the authentic Sicily to the discovery of traditional flavours and natural rhythm of living. 

Our family has been based here for three generations. It all began with our grandfather Alfonso who was an experienced oil merchant and whose dream was to plant his own olive grove. The dream became reality in 1960 when he acquired the first hectares of this land and planted the first olive trees.

Since Don Fofò departure, the land has been cultivated by his older son Salvatore, who’s heart always belonged to this magical place right from his childhood. In 2010 he decided to extend the property to its current size and together with his wife Daniela launched the Oikos project. A beautiful Relais surrounded by the olive trees: a place that cannot be just visited, it has to be experienced. 

The passion for the land was passed on to the next generation of Milioto’s Family. Salvatore’s first-born Federica, despite her excellent career in an international law firm, get back to her hometown to found Terre di Zaccanello. Today apart from being a lawyer she is an Oil Sommelier and with passion and commitment manages the company with the support of the whole family.

Visit. Our Oikos

A charming Relais surrounded by nature.

A heaven of peace in the heart of Sicily. 

A place you do not just visit, you rather experience.

Live. Our Oikos

A charming Relais surrounded by nature. A heaven of peace in the heart of Sicily. A place you do not just visit, you rather experience.

Our land.
The farmhouse

About 10 hectares of olive grove with 4 different olives quality: Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Gioconda e Bella di Spagna. With the traditional carefulness of the trees and the right combination of olives, a special extra virgin olive oil is obtained – speculated triumph of aromas and flavours, a perfect manifestation of temperament and the territory of Sicily. 

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