EVO Oil NotteTempo IGP Sicilia Monocultivar

“Harvest year 2023/2024”

This innovative know-how in harvesting has been used to protect the olives from light and heat, two main factors that accelerate the natural fermentation process of the olive and, consequently, affect the quality of the oil. By minimising the impact of these natural external agents we succeed in obtaining the best quality of extra virgin olive oil. The highest quality of NotteTempo was awarded with great merit in several national and international olive oil competitions: 2019 – Silver Medal at London IOOC; 2021 – Golden Medal at Dubai IOOC; 2021 – Recommended by Gambero Rosso; 2022 – Recommended by Maestrod’Olio.

The package looks like a jar: a tribute to Luigi Pirandello, to his novel and to his birthplace. 

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Crown jewel of the entire production, NotteTempo comes from a unique night harvesting, that preserves the olives from light and heat, in limited and numbered production.

Organoleptic characteristics

The extravirgin olive oil IGP Sicilia NotteTempo has a degree of acidity below 0.2%. It appears quite dense, with a bright green colour and golden hints. The fragrance is intense and vegetable, with elegant notes of cicory, green tomato and basil.
The taste is rich with tones of fresh almond, walnut husk and artichoke’s stem. Moderate bitterness and spiciness.

Suggested food pairing

Medium to high structured dishes, grilled meat, summer soups, caprese, tomato sauces, bruschetta, baked cakes.


Weight 1 kg
Product zone

Racalmuto, Agrigento – Sicily


100% Nocellara del Belice


by hand in mid-October


cold in a continuous cycle





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