Almonds 100% made in Sicily grown and obtained with natural and environmentally friendly methods, coming exclusively from our small cultivation in Terre di Zaccanello.

After being harvested, the almonds are subjected to a careful selection and finally shelled to release their natural taste.

Greedy to nibble during a snack, excellent as an ingredient in the kitchen and essential for our body. The precious balance of proteins, minerals, fats and vitamins makes them a natural dietary supplement and a strengthening of the nervous system.

Collected and packaged by hand to ensure the naturalness of the fruit, they may contain natural residues deriving from the manufacturing process of the finished product.

100% natural almonds, completely free of drugs, pesticides and GMOs. Cultivated with methods that respect the territory and natural cycles, hand-picked exclusively from our orchard.

Tasty snack rich in beneficial properties. They prevent cardiovascular diseases thanks to the presence of polyunsaturated fats. Powerful antioxidants, protein sources and rich in Omega3 for the health of the entire circulatory system; rich in magnesium, iron and calcium for bone health. They have an energizing action, give satiety and regulate the intestine.

Ideal for a genuine and healthy snack to break hunger and for those who follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Weight 0,3 kg

250 gr of Sicilian shelled almonds


Racalmuto (AG)-Sicily

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