X-Mas Paper Box


Artisan panettone 1kg and
EVO Oil Classic Blend Sicily 500ml

The natural leavening panettone, with a soft dough and unique taste.
The EVO Oil Classic Blend Terre di Zaccanello, by two main cultivars: Nocellara del Belice and Biancolilla.

Two products that tell the genuine sicilian flavors, packeged in a special and customisable Christmas box.

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Panettone ingredients
Soft wheat flour (type “0”), egg yolk (from free-range hens, category “A”), EVO Oil Classic Blend “Terre di Zaccanello”, cane sugar, natural yeast, flavoring paste (orange peel, citrus essential oils, vanilla beans), honey, emulsifier E471, salt.

Organoleptic characteristics
The Blend Classico EVO oil has a maximum acidity of 0.3% and is fairly dense, with a bright golden color.
The olfactory analysis is medium intense, vegetal, with hints of ripe tomato, cut grass and freshly pressed olives.
On the palate it is balanced in bitter and spicy, with persistence of dried fruit and fragrant bread that expertly harmonize the palate.

Weight 1,9 kg
Zona di produzione olio

Racalmuto, Agrigento – Sicilia

Zona di produzione panettone

Canicattì, Agrigento – Sicilia


Nocellara del Belice 60%, Biancolilla 20%, Gioconda 20%

Raccolta olive

a mano a metà Ottobre


A freddo con ciclo continuo





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